Real Life Game


My name is Nachum and I want to tell you about "Run For Your Life".

Do you want to die? I'm sure you don't. Most people don't want to die, but an awful lot of people do dangerous things trying  to feel as if  they were going to die.

Many computer games cater to this urge. The surge of relief you feel when while playing you jump over cliffs and land safely on the other side. But are you really in danger when you play computer games? Do games really give you the experience you are looking for? We are offering a unique way of playing. In our game you will feel both  the tension and the relief. When you win you go on to the next challenge, but if you lose you don't just go back a few levels - you lose something real (for instance a few minutes that your phone will be locked). The fear of losing and the relief when you win make this game experience an exciting new gaming experience.